In pursuit of our mission to help job seekers and employers we have to meet certain levels of efficiencies.  In keeping this site efficient we must put limits on how much time and effort is spent on manually dealing with refunds and cancellations.  So, please, read this section and if you do not agree with it do not subscribe.

This information is referenced in the “Terms of Service” listed here also.

Our services come at a certain level of minimum costs and thus we have structured our cancellation refund policy listed below.

Your subscription has a minimum fee.

Thus, any part of a “month” that is “started” is deemed fully earned and there will be no refunds.

We require 30 day notice to process refunds.

As an example, as of 0704/2020 the “Job Seeker” plan with no resume costs $6.99/month.  If you find a job within the first week let’s say and thus have three weeks remaining we WILL NOT entertain any part of a refund even if you found a job outside of this site. If you register, subscribe and pay there WILL BE NO REFUND.

Accounts with discounts

If we applied a discount for whatever reason and you cancel early we, at our option, may remove the discount.


If through no fault of your own, our site goes down for over a certain period of time, we will either grant you an extension or refund the entire month of your subscription.

Our servers are managed and backed up on a daily basis with 90% up time in a secured data center in the United States.

We provide the latest in audit logging security software and malware to protect this site and your information.


If we suspect your account to be a hacker or spammer, we will block your access to this site. If this happens please contact us here or call 866 397-6939.